Who We Are

Brolight is a group of innovative and experienced professionals from universities and industries. We have been designing, developing and supporting advanced physics and optical measurement solutions for education, industrial and scientific.

Our Mission and Purpose

Our mission is to provide excellent performance equipments in physics education and optical measurement. Our purpose is advocating a better way of education, industrial and Scientific to the world with affordable price.

Our Team and Capability
→60 years of cumulative experience in R&D & teaching
→80 years of cumulative experience in manufacturing
→Group of experts in optics, lens, electronics & mechanics
→OEM/ODM customized re-design capability

Our Products

● Advanced physics experiment equipments:
Zeeman Effect, Franck Hertz, e/m, Photoelectric Effect, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Hall Effect, Fuel Cell and etc..
● Profesional optics training equipments:
Gas Laser, LED Testing, Laser Scanner and etc..
● Optical measurement equipments:
Spectrometer, Optical Power Meter, Optical Measurement Kits and etc..

We are delighted to work with you and develop better products and solutions for 21st century.