CIOE ShenZhen

Updated:2017-08-31 10:08:31

Spectrometers are important measuring instruments used in spectroscopy. With the extensive application of spectroscopy, spectrometers now are used in more and more fields such as color measurement, chemical concentration measurement and radiation analysis, etc.
The success of each project depends largely on the early planning. Brolight is a company with a mature, professional and responsive spectrometer development team. With years of product development and integration experience, we can help you accurately locate the product features, provide you good products with lower price, and find the best solution for you. After the project, we will continue to provide you with reliable after-sales guarantee and technical support, making that your system keeps advanced.

In the golden september,Brolight will be in CIOE ShenZhen show spectrometer applications and optical power meter,  look forward to meeting you !

CIOE ShenZhen

Date:Sep 6-9 ,2017


Color Measurement

Reflection system based on Y-type probe

LED Measurement

Customized LED Measurement System

Laser Measurement

CW, FWHM and power measurement of diode laser

Wireless Optical Power Meter

Display on PC / Pad / Phone via Buletooth