Nobel Prize Series Physical Experiments

Updated:2015-06-26 02:06:26

Physical Labs of Science College always have some modern physics experiment devices, more or less, mainly for rebuilding the classical Nobel Prize. During the learning process of professional courses in physical, these devices play a critical role to help students to learn and understand nearly, modern physics experiment of theoretical knowledge.

Brolights neoteric and modern physics experiment products with modular design, digital acquisition mode, stable performance, industrial grade standard and for main classical Nobel Prize line could bring a better experience while learning the theoretical points.

The following are experimental devices we recommend for classical physics Nobel Prize line:

Zeeman Effect Experiment(BEX-8501):

Franck-hertz Experiment Apparatus(BEX-8502):

Photoelectric Effect Apparatus (h/e)(BEX-8504):

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance(BEX-8505):

Hall Effect Experiment Apparatus(BEX-8508A):

He-Ne Laser Apparatus(BEX-8201):

Specifc Charge of the Electron(BEX-8503):