Laser Measurement

Updated:2017-07-17 02:07:17

With the development of the laser production process and the cost reduction, the laser has been widely used in optical fiber communication, measurement technology, medical, biological engineering and other technical fields. Users in these fileds are more and more concerned with the performance indicators.

The center wavelength, FWHM and power are important performance indicators of laser. As the LD laser has a certain divergence angle, Brolight uses integrating sphere with the spectrometer and the power meter together to measure it. Because of its unique geometry, the integrating sphere forms a uniform light intensity distribution after several diffuse reflections in the integrating sphere, and the laser power is not affected by the polarization and the laser beam calibration.

CW and FWHM Measurement of Laser

Compact and portable
100X, 1000X attenuator is optional to extend the power range
Simple and fast, the minimum integration time is up to 0.5ms
High precision, the highest resolution is up to 0.05nm

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CW, FWHM and power measurement of diode laser

The system is mainly composed of spectrometer, optical power meter and integrating sphere. It could synchronously measure the laser’sCW, FWHM and power through its PTS software. It is suitable for measuring laser diode, laser diode components, diffuse
monochromatic light source and other luminescent devices, and supports for production line testing.
The measurement wavelength range is 200-1100nm, resolution 0.05-1nm and power range 100nW-10W. We will calibrate the integrating sphere, detector and optical power meter as a whole to improve the accuracy.
Therefore, it is not recommended to use the powermeter detector and integrating sphere separately.

PTS Software

PTS software is developed to synchronously measure the spectrum and power. PTS is simple and useful. In the "setting", users can input and save testing parameters, then the measurement starts.
PTS software is suitable for production line. All the data and SN will be saved and the software can automatically tell you whether the product is qualified.

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