Updated:2018-04-10 04:04:10

Raman spectroscopy is based on the scattering effect discovered by Indian scientist Raman, and analyzes the scattering spectra with different incident frequencies to obtain information on the vibration and rotation of the molecule and is applied to the analysis of molecular structure. Raman spectroscopy is a molecular structure characterization technique based on the Raman effect. The signal is derived from the vibration and rotation of the molecule. Different materials have different Raman shift, so they can be analyzed by Raman.
Raman spectroscopy is fast and stable, and can be used for non-destructive detection. It is widely used in many fields such as medicine, security, food safe, chemistry and biology. It is suitable for solution analysis due to water has little Raman scattering. Nowadays, laser is widely used as an excitation source of Raman system

785 Raman system includes:

Spectrometer BIM-6002A-04 Spectrometer, 750-1100nm, resolution is 1nm
Software BSV software
Light source BIM-6206-785 Narrow linewidth laser
Probe BIM-6319-785 Raman probe
Accessory Raman sample holder / Cuvette

Typical spectrum