Area of problems associated with BIM - 6 series spectrometer

Updated:2015-05-13 10:05:13

Question: What operating system does BSV software of spectrometer support?

Answer: System of WIN8,WIN 7 64 - bit ,WIN 7 32 bit, XP.


Question: How to use data from BSV software? Does it support secondary development?

Answer: It supports the export of data into text format.If you want to directly call the  spectrometer data, we can open communication protocol for you to use for secondary development.


Question: Can we purchase the test modules of BIX-8802 Spectrum Analysis separately?

Answer: It can be purchased separately. According to the test sample types, you can  purchase transflective liquid test module, transmission module solid or solid reflection module separately.

More product details, please see products datasheet.